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Generation of electricity

Energy Generation

Electricity consumption is growing every day, and the cost of electricity is often ahead of the consumption growth. Electricity has always been and remains one of the main resources in the world.
The company Inno Technologies Oy has developed a device that allows the end user to save up to 30% of the electricity bill. The actual savings is much higher.
In 2017 we plan to organize several service companies in order to build and maintain mini power stations for energy generation. We invite to cooperation electricity consumers, who spend more than 60kW hours, and investors to create service-generating companies.

Application of technology

A mini power station created by our company can be applied for generating (multiplication) of the existing electricity:
if you connect the station to the network, difference between the incoming and outgoing (generation) power in the station is 8.75 times. For example, if you set the station in the basement of a 9-storey building, the house will save 30% on electricity costs, etc.
if you connect the station to alternative energy sources, alternative energy power will also be increased in many times. It will make such options of energy generation cost-effective and applicable more widely.

The developed device in addition to the UPS functions can significantly reduce the electricity bill. Our device has batteries with total capacity equal to the power of electricity consumption by the consumer.
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