About – InnoTechnologies Oy


Our concept: from idea to business

How we do it?

We cooperate with private developers and public universities from different countries. Adopted technologies are tested, preliminary marketing is conducted and the potential channels of the project / product realization are formed.

We offer investments in a ready-made business model, where the investor receives shares of the portfolio company. Also it is possible to get a credit option in the portfolio company; the size of % is specified in each project separately.

  • Projects are from 500 000 euro.
  • Payback is up to 24 months.
  • State programs.
  • Investors Warranty.

About “InnoTech” group of companies

InnoTech transforms its innovative technologies into a new successful business. InnoTech introduces modern advanced management models in the project implementation.

The main activities - mobilization / optimization of existing technologies and processes in various branches, and the creation / promotion of new developments. The main sectors: oil industry, mining processing, energy conservation and power generation, recycling, bio-resources, waste management, water purification.